Without getting too existential about it, I'm a designer who codes - a pixel-slinging, css-writing, documentation-drafting web designer and frontend developer dedicated to crafting top-notch digital experiences.

I got bit by the design bug early and built my first website 15 years ago - at age 15, funny enough - to share my pixel art. Over the years I progressed from table-based layouts with spacer gifs to responsive, mobile-ready, css-powered designs. I got deep into Wordpress in the early days, getting comfortable with php syntax and a little bit of mySQL by building custom themes for personal sites and student portfolios.

In 2009, I got my BA in graphic design and started freelancing under the name Marginalia Studios. I spent a few years doing web design and development work for local business and artists before switching to the world of corporate in-house design when I joined Lycos (yes, of 90's search fame) in 2012 as part of the team behind lycos.com, tripod.com, and angelfire.com.

After just over two years at Lycos, I moved on to COMSOL, where I joined a small, ambitious team responsible for comsol.com as well as the company's intranet, which is a mix of 3rd party software and lots and lots if in-house built tools for everything from content management, marketing and sales, and customer support.

Now, I'm looking for my next adventure! This summer, after wandering all over New England for 10 years or so, I'm moving back down to southern Massachusetts and looking for a new gig closer to home. If you're looking for a passionate, experienced web designer and frontend developer with expertise in UI/UX design, CSS, and jQuery get in touch!