COMSOL Events Calendar

August 2016

This project was a huge undertaking that involved the entire team over the course of several years, for which I spent the past year designing and doing the front-end development for the customer-facing portion of the project, the COMSOL events calendar at The new events calendar is a massive improvement over the old system, which simply displayed all events in a dense, text-only list with minimal ability to filter by date and location, and no ability to filter by subject matter. The new calendar allows potential attendees to filter by event type, location, and topic, as well as sort those... More

Vintage Cameras: Jiffy Kodak Series II

July 2016

This photoset is a little bit meta, I guess, as it’s photographs of a camera. I’ve got the beginnings of a little vintage camera collection going, and this is technically the third addition (the others being a Pentax from the 1970’s and my great-grandmothers Kodak Brownie). It’s Jiffy Kodak Series II and I found it at a flea market in Londonderry, NH. It came complete with a leather case, the original packaging, and some news paper clippings on photography techniques. The Jiffy is a medium-format camera produced from 1938–1947. The one I’ve got does still work, according to the seller... More

Tell Your Story

July 2016

Some Hamilton-inspired musings on the role of family history in personal identity.

COMSOL Product Download Pages

April 2016

Revamp and code update for the product download and product update pages of Various UI changes were needed to alleviate customer confusion and bring the pages in line with the new visual style of the website.

Lycos Projects

March 2015

I spent just over two years as a web designer and front-end developer at Lycos – you might remember them as one of the big pre-google search engines back in the 90’s. In addition to, the company also owns and, two separate but similar platforms for building websites. I had my hands on a lot of different project at Lycos, but I have also grown a lot as a designer and developer since then, so in the most recent redesign of I decided to group my portfolio peices from my time there into a single page.... More

That Time I Did Print: The Ashburne Wedding

October 2014
photo of the interior of a wedding invitatio

I swore of print design when I finished my BA, but when my sister got married in 2014, I made an exception and offered to design her invitations and cover the cost of printing as my wedding gift. The colors/textures she was using in the decor involved a deep shade of red, birch bark, and burlap.