Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 3.14.33 PMI’m an accidental Web Developer; I wandered into the profession aimlessly and accidentally over the course of a decade, and I figure it must have been fate because despite my lack of planning things have turned out pretty great.

As a kid, I built some absolutely terrible websites on some subject matter that only a 14-year-old would be proud of. They are terrible, as is to be expected, but they gave me a foundation of fledgling HTML and CSS knowledge that I would build upon for the next decade. I started college an Illustration & Graphic Design major, but the school was floundering and Illustration was droppped from the curriculum in favor of Design. I shrugged and went with it, all the while improving my web development and design skills as a hobby on the side, building websites to showcase my art and schoolwork.

By the time graduation rolled around, I had realized two things: 1) I hated print design with the burning passion of a thousand suns and 2) I loved building websites.

After a bit of a post-graduation lull (thank you, Great Recession!), I found my way to Lycos where I worked as a designer and front-end developer for a little over two years. I’m now at COMSOL where I work with a small team of fantastic devs to maintain and improve comsol.com as well as the companies intranet sites and internal web tools.

When I’m not yelling at LESS files, I can be found cooking, hiking, writing, dreaming about houses, watching The West Wing for the thousandth time, and having a bit too much road rage for someone of my decidedly not imposing stature.